Harassment by brother

Hello I live in the USA. My brother lives in chennai with my parents. The flat was bought on loan and my dad had to take the loan on his, mother and my brother's name. My father paid off the loan about 9 years back with his money. He owns and runs a business in chennai. My brother has always been harassing my parents, both, verbally and physically. His physical violence has not turned really bad. His wife left him with their son and he signed his divorce papers in August of this year. He harasses my parents, abuses them in very bad language and even resorts to pushing and hitting them, for any mundane reason. I/ my relatives have been persuading my parents to do something since I fear he could inflict physical damage of either or both of them. He absolutely has no respect and even the maid and driver and my dad's employees know about his behavior. Their apartment neighbors too have approached my parents about him. I live far away from them and can only visit them during 2 week vacations. Please help. I need him out of the house and my parents to be protected as I fear he might even murder them. ( I am serious). What should they do to protect themselves and I can be assured that they are safe? My dad is 69 and my mom is going to be 60. Thank you