My father made two wills , in first OLD will he distributed every thing equally to each Son, but he replaced that OLD will with NEW will , In new will he has not given any thing to his elder son , Now my father is no more, after his death i get to know that he made two wills , i have only photo copy of new will, in new will he mentioned about old will, this new will is registered will , I alredy confirmed this, my father was living with my younger brothers in same house , he given me one portion in same house for living after my marrige , and in his lifetime he never said to me or my family to leave this house, I am living in this house from starting of this house, i dont know what should i do, both will are registered Wills, my younger brothers not ready to any kind of settlement , please suggest me with your valuable opinions. i was never awared about this thing , my father passed away this year, and he made first will before six year and second will before 4 years. please suggest me with your valuable opinions