Regarding partitioning ancestral property

Dear Sir/Madam, My grandfather is having a property (10 acres of agriculture land) and he recently passed away. My grandmother is there. They have two children: my father and my aunt. My father has two children: me and my brother. Similarly my aunt has two children: one son and one daughter. We have taken care of the financial well-being of our aunt. A part of the property was inherited by my grandfather from his father. It was partitioned between him and his brother. He got around 7.5 acres of land as his share. This is written in a karar patra. Remaining 2.5 acres he earned by himself using the income he generated from his inherited land. My father now wants to transfer all these 10 acres to my name and my brother's name by partitioning it (by writing karar patra). My Questions: 1. Can my aunt object writing karar patra? If so, to what extent she can object? 2. If she is not objecting it, can we (me and my brother) write off a karar patra in our name? If so, will one such patra enable us to pledge it banks and get some loan? During that time, does bank need my aunt's consent signature for processing the loan? 3. Can my grandmother object writing the patra? If she is willing to do, does my aunt's objection is valid? 4. Can i sell my share of the property (if karar is done in my name) in future without any trouble? At that time, can my aunt object it? 5. Is there any provision in law that after 12 years (or so) after transferring the karar to my name that the property becomes fully owned by me (and no claim can be made by my aunt)? Thanks for clarifying these doubts, Chandru