Marriage not conssumated

Hello Sir/Madam, Iam married almost 20 months back. Right from day1, my wife was not interested in physical intercourse with me. She always used to avoid me by telling different reasons though I used to show much interest on her. And also importantly her maturity level of mind is not proper. She is a fickle minded girl. I thought she will gradually understand and come to me. But there was no change even after 8 months. Since I was a bit shy guy, I could not inform this even to my parents immediately. But later When I started informing this to my parents, then I took the girl and had a checkup of her and the gynecologist examined her and confirmed orally that the intercourse has not happened. So my parents were angry about this and questioned the girl's parents. For questioning like that, they brought 10 people of their relatives to attack on my home. They abused verbally and created lot of nuisance in our home and apartment. (Here I suspect that they might have come like this for attack based on their lawyer's word because some violence will take place at that time and they can file DV and 498a etc on me). But I was cooly requesting them and explained them the real situation. Knowing the real situation those people went away but by that time they have commited all the nuissance. They even took away the girl from our home despite I requested them not to take. After that I called the girl to come back to our home several times for 2 months but she told some petty reasons and did not come till now. And from the past 12 months, since this issue happened she has not come to our home and we have been living separately. My father tried to have talks with them though elderly people who can mediate but of no use. Their intention seems to be that we have to file a case and then they can file reverse cases on us and can demand money. Now my question is 1. How can I prove that she was not interested in having physical intercourse with me? 2. Since marriage is not yet consummated and she is staying seperately for the past 12 months, Can I file a petition in the court asking for justice? Hence, I request you to please guide me in this concern so that I can have a peace of mind as I have been tortured by them mentally like this. Thanks, K.Balaji