Need Help..

Hello, My wife had an affair and I came to know 1 month before our marriage. At that time, she begged me to get married and requested me not to tell anyone about this. Everyone does the mistakes, I forgive her and we got married on 4th Dec 2015 and we were very happy. 1 year later, She is having Diabetes (got to know from a physician and I have the medical report) and also PCOD problem. Daily she woke up at 8:30 AM, if possible, she will prepare food (2-3 times a week) go to the office and come back home by 10 PM and watch TV till 12 AM. I explained her health problems to her dad but no use. I started forcing her to wake up early and go for a walk/gym. I forced her to prepare food at home instead of having it outside. She got irritated and started fights for silly matters. After few days our fights are continued. She went to her native for a week (don't know what happened there) on our next fight she started blaming my parents and treats me saying 'I will sue you and your family'. TILL DATE SHE BLAMES MY PARENTS (they are not staying with us). In the month of September, suddenly her mama came to our parents home(my native) and did rowdyism. He also treats my parents by saying 'I will bring Media people and sue your family'. Now, she purposefully starts a fight at least once a day and scold me with bad words and says ' I will put you behind bars'. I really don't know what's wrong with her and I want to keep safe my parents first before she going to police station. Please advice me how should I behave with her and how to convince her? I don't want to spoil my life. Please advice.