Car Parking Issues

Dear Sir., I bought a flat from the first owner with 1 reserved covered car Parking. My Neighbor usually parks his 2 wheeler's in front of my Car.he has no car parking allotment. Since no car was parked in other slots it was not disturbed me during the last 4 years. Now the other car parking occupied and i am unable to take my car. As per Neighbor, common Space can be used to park 2 wheeler and bi-cycles. however as per the Agreement, Two wheeler Parking was not assigned to anyone. Neighbor was not agreeing any request made by me and he has locked his bike after parking. I have below Queries 1. can we use the common space to park Bike,Bi-cycle and other Articles. I need to take the car out through this common space and it is the only way 2. Neighbor also threaten us, As per Supreme court judgement all car allotment made in the previous by the builder are Void.The Car parking needs to be allotted on rotation basis. The car parking was sold for Rs 1,00,000 During 2009. Is the Supreme court Judgement control us?. Because it was issues in 2010.Also would like to know whether it will control my entitlement? (i bought this flat from the first owner during 2011) 3. If the Neighbor is not ready for any Co-operation then How to proceed further Kindly Guide me to handle this issue