OC and Property tax isue

Facts: 1. Builder has issued a temporary possession certificate in 2009.. Till 2015, he has not made anyone the member of society and flat owners are just living on the basis of temporary possession certificate.. He has made an application for OC but has alleged that some of the flat members have made structural alterations. Infact, builder took money from the owners for such alterations. 2. Builder was collecting maintenance untill March 15, but has stopped collecting it from April 2015 onwards. He has asked all residents to pay property tax on their own account and take charge of the society and manage the affairs of the soceity. 3. The existing owners do have any share certificate in the society. The original members of society (which builder formed) have already resigned in 2013. Question 1: Can the society be legally taken over from the builder by the owners in light of the above facts? If yes, what is the process of taking over Question 2: What are the implications if the society is taken over? Question 3: If there are any legal dues which arise in future due to builders violations, who will be liable for it - owners or builder?