Lodge complaint under 498A

This unfortunate incident happened with my cousin sister. My cousin sister got married on 7th June 2015.Her parents spent money and fulfilled every wish of bridegroom and his relatives with very good marriage ceremony etc. She is semigovt employee with salary 7k. Her husband is branch manager at courier service with 14k salary. Her husband has 1) immoral relation with his cousin(she is already married, she had affair with my cousins husband before marriage),their phone calls were noticed several times(even late night) by my cousin 2) he kept his wife(my cousin) away, by coming drunk late in the night even on his holiday 3)he was never at home even on holiday. 4)his mother and his aunt(mother in law's sister) asked for 3 lakhs on 7th day after marriage and since then everyday my cousin has to face their taunt and they also threatened to kill. 5) Her elder brother in law and his wife were also demanding the money several times. My cousin sister has to be present at her office at 8.30 in morning and before that she has to complete household work (cooking for total 3 people),house clean,wash clothes(not much) but still hermother in law (Father in law no more) and husband kept complaining that she doesnt do any household duty.Actually she performs every household duty as she has to wake early in the morning and her office hours are tight. On 19 Sep 2015, her husband dropped her at her parent home stating that she(my cousin) is not well and they(husband and his mother)have to go family function at some other city.He also promised that he will take her back after 5-6 days once that function is over.19 Sep was his birthday, my cousins parent celebrated his birthday(we have his celebration photographs) at their home and then he left.Since then my cousin kept waiting for another week as her husband said he is busy.She used to call him but he kept saying he is busy, he has to go for office training to pune like that.On 6th oct when she called him he said he is in pune in meeting (gave some false reason),so she felt something is wrong, so my cousin left her parents home on 7th oct and went to in law place early in the morning.Her husband was there in the house. His behaviour was doubtful but still my cousin relied.He dropped her to her office and during the time from home to cousins office, he was asking to go again back to parent home.My cousin saw no reason as she was supposed to stay at her parent place only for 5-6 days.Her husband dropped her at entrace of her office and left.When she came back at 6 in evening after office hours,she shocked when she saw whole house is empty and her husband deserted with all household belongings and when she called husband, he was not giving proper answer and top of that after he sent a false advocate notice mentioning that- a) She (my cousin) left the house on 19th Sept with all ornaments,without giving any proper reason and till that time she never came back. b)She is not performing any household duty and create quarrel without any reason with him and his mother and used filthy language. c)She is not allowing any physical relationship d) Also he mention not to lodge police complaint against them (as my cousins father is retired policeman). My cousin's parent tried to call him and asked him what is the reason but he was not ready to come to meet her parents and even did not tell where is he actually so that her parents can meet him. Since then my cousin is not keeping well , it is impacting her mentally and physically. After all this there was not no hope and then my cousins parents decided to file a proper police complaint on 14th oct against husband,his mother, his aunt, his cousin (with whom he has immoral rel),elder brother in law and his wife,his cousins mother(she asked several times to demolish relationship). Till time there have been two face to face meeting between both the parties and still my cousins husband and their relative not ready to accept their mistakes and kept putting false allegations against my cousin. I asked her to gather evidences such as photograph of his call logs,whatapp etc. My cousin is ready to stay with her husband but still opposite party look like cruel.In next week there is third and final meet between the two parties where police official would be present so that if any settlement can be done.If not then there will be police investigation initiated. I want to know whether case against husband and his relatives can be made if they are not ready to accept and do settlement on their mistake.