My husband left our me/home because i have thyroid

Hello Sir/Madam, Its been 7 months for our marriage. and my husband left our home 3 months ago. i am having thyroid since before marriage and it is under control and all reports are normal. I informed about this to him but not his parents. As his parents came to know now, his parents are arguing that they should have informed about thyroid which we didn't. Now my husband too agrees his parents and left me/home saying that he will return only when i stop taking thyroid tablets. And also, he want me to hold him my entire salary. He is having loan of 13 lakhs since before marriage. He borrowed this loan to build a house for his parents and siblings. No savings for our future, no contribution towards our married life. we 2 stay in pune due to our job. And all expenses (house rent, food, traveling, shopping, medical, entertainment, etc) are carried by me only. he doesn't contribute even a single rupee. When he told me about loan amount and said that he will be facing it alone (no contribution from his 3 brothers) i agreed and supported him. But after 4 months of marriage, he started asking entire salary and not even explaning me why he need it and what is going to do with it. As he don't do any savings and his entire salary is dedicated to his personal expenses (breakfast in office, petrol), family (excluding me) and loan only. Now he don't receive my call and don't even reply to my messages. My question is, do a husband have rights on his wife's salary..?? What my husband is doing/did is right..??