Properties matter for joint family

This is regarding property matter,my late grandfather are paying rent to income tax recovery department ,(the said property was under recovery of income tax and my grand father are paying rent on behalf of owner of properties the rent receipt are in name of my grand father and currently also on his name, mean while the said owner of the same properties sold this properties to builder, now this builder has file case on son and daughter in law of the same grand father, the daughter in law is widow , now this case is still pending for judgement in small cause vs builder .(to whome ths said properties has been sold by original owner) the said widow is my mother , we are in pasatation (use of this properties meagerly and partly by uncle of the said properties and partly by my uncle(other son of late grand father) now this son (my uncle ) want me and my mother to throughout from this house , what should i do for my mothers rights as a leagal hair, also how we can change name on rent receipts of grand father to my widow mother, how to be safe and stay in this properties , so my uncle can not remove me and mother from this house kindly provide advice to save my widow mothers rights for this porperties