Dowry harrasment case

Hi, Im writing this email from Bangalore. 3 months back (30th Aug) I got wedded to a person who was working in Chennai and a native of Madurai dist in TN. We got wedded in Guruvayoor temple in Kerala as Im a native of Kerala & brought up in Bangalore. Ours was purely an arranged marriage. Though we were from 2 diff states caste was the one thing in common which brought us together. Currently me & my husband are working in Bangalore itself. During the time of marriage my in laws had demanded more than 50 soverigns of gold, reception suit for my husband and household appliances & kitchenwares worth 1.5 lacs to which my father agreed. Gold ornaments & reception suit was readily bought but household appliances worth 1.5lac could not be purchased immediately by my father due to financial problems. But he purchased a cot, spring matress bed and all kitchenwares including mixer, utensils etc. It took almost 3 weeks for us to finish all the marriage rituals including one reception in Madurai (guy's native) and one in Bangalore. Later he got his job transferred from Chennai to Bangalore and joined office from 28th Sep. From then on it took some time for us to search a house in Bangalore and so we were staying in my house with my parents and sister. He initially pretended to be good. But at the same time his father (my father-in-law) started preaching his true color to his son. He forced us to move in seperately and on Nov 18th we moved to a new house which was equidistant from both our offices. At the same time , parallelly many fights were going on between me & my husband. His father during the initial days of proposal had told my parents that his son's salary was 25,000. But in reality his salary is only 17,000-18,000. They also cheated us by saying he has done his graduation in Aeronautical Engineering. But he neither has diploma nor degree. He has only done a certification course in AME. His father has brain washed him saying that my father should provide all home appliances and my salary should be transferred to him on the day i get it credited. When he came to Bangalore after all marriage rituals he only had Rs.1000 in hand with no bank balance. I felt pity on him and handed over my ATM card which i feel has become a hanging sword over my head. After he got my ATM card initially for few days he dint spend much of my money, but after few days he started spending it very lavishly. He used to go for worthless shoppings and swipe my card everywhere. I was a person who doesnot spend money lavishly before marriage. But he was just the opposite to me. If at all i question him about his activities he would start a fight with me and at the same time he would call up his father and say that Im torturing him. We stayed with my parents for almost 1 month 20 days. In this span twice he fought with me for this money matter just because i questioned him. He was not respecting my parents as well. Even if my parents were seated on sofa he would sit beside them by crossing his legs one upon another. Many a times my father has felt bad by his behaviour. On Nov 18th we moved to our new house and on 21st Nov he showed his true color and started behaving rudely to me. He just walked into the kitchen and abused all things what my parents has bought. He then asked me about the home appliances which my father had promised. I told him calmly that due to financial struggle during marriage my father is unable to provide all things. He was not ready to listen and immediately called up his parents. His mother called me then and told me to force my parents to keep up their promises & to stop bothering abt my family. She also told me that if it was their hometown (madurai) dowry things would have arrived in lorry on the day of marriage itself. I was no panic that day as i thought to end up myself due to the mental harrasment from my husband and in laws who were not staying in my city. Later after the intervention of my parents, my husband became quiet for few days. Meanwhile my husband would make multiple money transfers from my account to his account. Few transfers he would inform me and few not. If i question him he would start fighting stating that all money of wife is husband's property. Infact his father has taught him to be so. Meanwhile i was also helping my family which was disliked by my husband. I would rather say that my husband was just a puppet to his father. His father has told him itseems after marriage the girl should not help her family, not make more phone calls to her parents and should think husband and in-laws as demi gods & surrender everything to them. He has frowned at me many times when he came to know that I gave some amount of money from my salary to my mother, but i ignored all that & started to be happy with him. Then on Nov 30th (last working day of the month when salary credits) i decided to change my netbanking password. As i expected he asked me that on the same day & cooked up another fight. I was in office when he fought with me. He fought with me as per his father's advice. His father has told him to take control of my salary of the very same day it gets credited. I couldnot concentrate on my work nor tell these things in office as im a newly wedded in front of all. So i had to lie in my office saying that my mother was not keeping well. I started half day from my office & took leave for the next 2 working days and came back to my parents. In between my mother had a conversation with my husband where in he was speaking very rudely. My father had told him to come to our house on saturday for a compromise for which he had agreed but dint turn up. Meanwhile on sunday i called him several times for which he dint answer the call. Later his father called me up & told me that my husband will not answer my calls as he told his son not to. My father-in-law also told me that im the one who is torturing his son & he will talk to my father and decide whether we have to continue or not. Im still staying with my parents and there is no news from my husband yet. His parents has kept half my gold ornaments with them. My husband wants me to give him all my salary (nearly 30,000) everymonth. He wants my parents to fill the house with all furniture items & home appliances. Since we failed in doing both he started torturing me mentally. But im damn very sure that he is doing all these as per his father's guidance. And so i want to file a dowry harrasment case against my husband and father-in-law. Please help me getting this done.