Next course of action after filled a petition

This is my second marriage. i got married in 23rd jan 2014 with a well educated person. My husband do not have mother and father. He has onesister who is married. at the time of fix up our relationship, they both told us that their mother father died and his sister said to us that time that they want a simple marriage with small gathering. my family was also ok with it.After marriage I got to know that his mother is alive and they have filled a case against their mother. as the time pass and marriage time was near his sister started demanded for Car and 8 lakh cash apart from marriage functions. My father said that he has only a budget of 17 lacs . he cannot spend more than that. His sister and brother-in law has a demanded a xylo car(8 LAC rS) from my Father . My father gave them a cash around 9 lacs.After the marriage me and my husband was living in his sister' home. Before marriage his sister told my father that after marriage she will keep us in her home for 15-20 days and after that me and my husband will shift to the rental home in noida. my father said ok. After the marriage she started demanded for more cash and she started annoying/taunting me while saying that your father did not do the marriage according to our status.My husband also started beat me for no reasons. After beat me , my husband always called my father to take me back from there.But i did not ready to go. After 4 months ,me and my husband shifted to rental home in noida. In there also, he did not stopped to beat me and abused me. Then i again started my working career in noida. I have done PGDM in HR.My Husband told me that i have to do incurred expenses for home as well FROM MY SALARY . My salary is jsut only sister in law and her husband with all three children came to our home on regular basis.Still i have done everything for all of them. Still her taunting habit was continued. My husband and my sister in law did not allowed my family to come in my home.Still I adjusted with my husband. Time passes, but my husband and my sister in law habit did not changed.My husband always abused me and beat me and my sister in law did not stopped my husband.I did not know what was in their mind. My husband always said to me ki tu bi mujhe chod ke chali jayegi. I said i will not leave you since this is our second marriage and i cannot afford to break it. As time passes, their behaviour not changed. Then in the 3rd july again my husband beat me very roughly and abused me. Not only abused me , even abused my father, mother and sister by saying that ki tumhare mother aur tu randhi h aur dhandewali ho. After beat me he called my father to take me back. That night i decided to go with my father.That time my condition was very bad,My clothes was torned, my cheeks was totally swelled and my right knee was injured. After a day my father talked to his sister. His sister told us that she can not meet right now as she is busy for a day. Both brother and sister did not want to talk to my father. Finally my father and me decided to talk to the lawyer. Our lawyer immediately asked us to do a MLC. We did the same and then filled a complaint to CAW Cell, Kamla Nagar. Now 5 months have been passed. My lawyer also filled a petitions against my husband.I just wanted to know that i do not want to live with my husband but I also do not want to give him the Divorce. he beated me bacause he wanted a divorce.Can you please guide me what I can do now since i have filled a petition of Domestic Voilence and Dowry. Kindly guide me. Seeking your guidance in this matter.