making of will post n contrary to the terms of family separation

We 3 married brothers stay with our wives and kids with our father in his self acquired house. Feb. 2011, our family partition took place under the supervision of our 2 uncles. All 6 of us (3 brothers, father, 2 uncles as arbitrators) signed the hand written partition document and colour scanned copy was given to me. But no transfer of property took place despite my several requests made orally and through registered letters. They were just beating around the bushes and wasting the time. My father and brothers replied through letter accepting the partition but refused to give my share in the residential house, My 2 brothers and father approached both uncles to alter and revise the award but it was not heard as i did not want to give my allotted share in the residential house. Business and other properties given to me in partition are under my possession and full control but not fully in my name. brother and father does not sign the papers and transfer the property to me as they want me leave my share in the residential house 1st. they blackmail me saying leave the house and get all properties (given to me in the partition) transferred in my name. 3 yrs have passed like this. Now my father does not want to give me my portion in the residential house allotted to me in the partition. We all still live in the same house. On 24th may father died tested. He made WILL but did not allot me my allotted share in the residential house. Is it legal act of my father to make a will of the property already given in the family partition? Though the property is in his name but he has already given it to us in the family partition duly signed. There are so many documentary evidence confirming the family separation and its partly execution. Please help me I have no place to go if I’ve to leave my house and not given my share allotted to me in the partition.