Family divorce

Hi sir,in my 17 age i got married now 27 years no child.but problem was my husband side.we are take more treatment.but no child till now.for hospital tratement their family ask amount to my daddy.he also gave amount.but not continue our child progress.before some days he beat me.try to beat my mother also.then he gone their they sent me divorce that notice he tell more lies.he not come here.but he told he come &want to see mother not dancing with my mother.but its not true.still now am very upset mymind &my health also more dull because of that ICI from middle class family.divorce notice is new for our can i complaint against him.he is now working as VAO in yanam.are am going to complain any press media.what can i of our relative work in court as clerk.he help my husband to applying for divorce..we are plz told me sir how can i proceed ask my relations they told if you apply for notice its a big way to clear the want to live with him but want stay another house.not stay with their mother told this to him..but he not come with me.plz whatcan i do sir...give your valuable suggestion