Blockade of S/B Account by SBI and merit to go to Consmer Forum ,

The SBI Account no.[deleted] was opened jointly by my wife and son in SBI in May'15, . The pass Book, Cheque Book, ATM Card were issued and an amount of Rs5000/- was deposited to the Account. In mid July'15 the account was found blocked and a cheque valued Rs2000/- issued to my son, a joint holder, by my wife in the 1st week of Aug'15 was dishonoured by debit of cash of Rs261/- from the account despite sufficient balance. The reason of blockade was argued by the branch as want of proper KYC Document and signature of the customer in application form. The argument is not acceptable at all; as the bank authority cannot disown its responsibility to check all the documents of the customer to get properly satisfied before opening the account and make the customer responsible for all the arbitrary action taken in this regard. It seems to be an instance of deficiency in intial service of the bank to defraud the customer. i would like to know whether the merit of the case is sufficien to go to Consmer Redressal Forum. The Banking Ombudsman has rejected the case U/S 13(a). KUMARESH HALDER