Car Parking + Substandard Work

I had purchased a flat in the year December 2015 from the landowner (not the builder). While negotiating we were told that the car parking allotment would take place after the builder gets the completion certificate. it was also confirmed that we would be getting the first preference when the allocation process would be carried out. When have demanded at that time to include in the agreement the area of parking that we would be getting but were declined and asked to trust them. Very strange after few months the allotment was done but in the form of lucky draw and not on the FCF basis. We were not given preference as was committed earlier. When i tried calling them they stopped receiving my call. The main issue which i could see was builder has allocated the paring on the basis of lucky draw and similar process was followed by the landowner as well. On top of that i saw the agreement paper of the resident for most of them it was mentioned that they would get the parking below the building B. We were almost 10 to 12 family for whom it was written the same and the parking available was few under podium garden and few under B building. I had also asked to give me the area of parking that would be allocated but it was declined. I saw that for some flat owners area of parking was mentioned in the agreement and for some it was mentioned that parking would be allocated. We are now feeling cheated as we did not got the parking that we liked considering we had 2 vehicle's (1 four and 1 2 wheeler). Second issue that we are facing is that the touch up work, the doors material are deteriorating. I have made the complaint to the builder and the landowner but no one pays to heeds. I have not signed the possession letter and the car parking allotment letter yet. Request you to please advise on the same.