Harrasment by In laws

Hi I am a 25 year old working woman,I got married(love marriage) in december 2014, and shifted to my in laws place.My husband is in the army and is out on a course in a different state where i cant join him for a year.I am working in pune. And we both belong to the same city.However my in laws were already divorced since 1998 but still living together and one year before my marriage my mother in law had run away with a driver and had claimed to have married him as per a police complaint.Post my marriage 4 months went fine and i was staying in the same house with my father in law.After 4 months she came back to the house and started staying with us.Let me give you a history about this woman.This mother in law of mine was a nuisance in the neighbourhood, because she keeps abusing each and every neighbour or any helper and has had constant fights with her husband each night untill late causing torcher for everyone.My father in law however keeps mum and doesnt let anyone go against her.There were many complaints raised by neighbours to the police station near by but she was left after giving warnings and what she does is whenever someone makes a complaint against her, she will give a counter complaint against that person making more humiliated.and making the police miserable on whom to take an action on. Last month she had harrassed me to a level where she had come to hit me.she used to tear of my clothes that she finds haging in the dry area, she used to throw the food i cooked.She once put fevicol in my shampoo, due to which i had to shave my head.Since then I used to keep everything of mine inside my room and I used to lock my room and go to office.My husband cant say anything to this woman, infact no body can because she cannot be talked to because of her abusive and unbearable vocabulary.Not even the police could speak to her for that matter. 3 weeks back I guess 24th of May 2014, I was on leave and she started abusing since morning, she was abusing me, the neighbours and every passerby in front of the road, while abusing she has a habbit to going to a level where she blames me of sleepingaround with everyone including her ex husband and neighbours, which is unbearable to hear for both me and the poor old neighbours.I made a police complaint by calling 100 and the police came, i explained the whole thing and the police man also knew about her as she has been making complaints and creating rucus in that place since years now,So the police men in the particular assigned chowky know her very well. But she made a counter complaint against me of the same thing saying that I harass her and do the same things to her. I had gone there to make a complaint with the neighbours, whom she stated abusing even in the police station. My father in law that day knowing of what she is doing still didnt stop her and went to office.He doesnot say a word to her neither does he let anyone make a complaint about her,he simply asks to ignore her saying she is mad.I count this behaviour of his as his support.Because even after divorce and remarriage of this woman my father in law still allowed her to come to the house. That day when I told police about their divorce my in laws both denied that in front of the police prooving me wrong.The police asked me to produce the copy of their divorce after which they could take a decision.I had to take help of the police to find the divorce copy which was there in the house And we got the divorce copy, post which my mother in law gave in writing to the police station that she wouldnt stay in the house and she would leave it as she doesnt have anything to do with that house.She had claimed that If i produce the divorce copy, she would leave the house or less I will have to leave the house, and we both had agreed to this.So she gave her statement in the police station and she asked for some money as well, for which my father in law gave 15000 rs.She had made a counter complaint to my complaint against me and my father in law for harassment.Inspite of so many complaints that this woman has made against my father in law , still my father in law supports her, and that too because he had once bought about 2 gunthas of land in her name, and he doesnt want to lose that one. Now the land is in her name and it was him who purchased it, its their matter but because of this I guess my father in law is himself getting insulted and letting others also suffer. Inspite of the wriiten statement that she wouldnt come in the house, She still comes in my absence and a few days back she kept honking in front of the house and threw stones and went.My father in law is aware about it, and he allows her to come there.Also yesterday she came in my absence and she was attended by my younger brother in law(cousin) who didnt know much, she dared to come inside the house and has put a dabba full of sindur, garlic and someones hair in it.Once she threw a dead crow in front of the house And yest also she kept a coconut and some wood with wrapped thread or something(black magic stuff). I dont know what to do.I dont want to leave the house, because me and my husband have spent enough money on the house to renovate and furnish it. I do not know what to do.I will be going back to join my husband in April 2015.Please advice.