Medical neligence

Hello Sir, Myself Vishal Chouhan from New Delhi, INDIA. My father is a 65 year old man with a bypass surgery done 2 years back. He is a patient of high BP and suffers with Diabetes Type 2. My father was forcefully admitted (by threatening of more complications) to a hospital at Raipur (C.G.) for a mass of flesh that was on his back at spine. The portion had formed puss in last few days and the doctor when diagnosing asked him to get admitted or this could kill him (this statement is used by many doctors to scare people and get them admitted). He did surgey at a blood sugar level of 300 without even giving him insulin. This was sheer negligence on his part. Then he started trying to manage his sugar level just through medications (assuming if he could just survive a bypass surgery with ease, this small surgery will be a piece of cake, again negligent attitude towards a diabetic patient). After 12 days he had verbally committed his assumptions in front of my family and expressed his failure in front of them. My father is being transferred to another hospital to manage his blood sugar levels for the wound to heal faster. I have the following queries pertaining to this case How can i file a suit against the negligence of the doctor/hospital? What all information/documents i should keep in handy before proceeding? Should i file complaint with local police, MCI and consumer court at one go? How should i convey the case to the new hospital so that they help me in building up the case? I am going to raipur on an emergency basis and if the situation goes beyond control, i would have to bring him to delhi by flight for better treatment. Can i claim the future expenses (travel, medical and loss of work) related to this situation over hospital/doctor? Any help in this regard would be helpful Thanks in advance Vishal Chouhan New Delhi