Wrong birth date

My brother has filled false DV case using my mummy on me & my wife..papa & mummy both resides with me ..brother stays separate long ago (15yrs) He is CA .by profession..however we have shown to court that there is no DV as i am maintaining them (parents ) for food & medicines & medical insurance & all... case is just for the property.. court verdicts are awaiting.. Recently I come to know that my brothers birth date on every record is different from actual birth date record on mumbai municipality i had procured original birth record copy from municipal office offically..His actual birth is in 1966 but shown 10 months early to secure school admmisions.Now he is CA. my Q is 1. can i book him under IPC 200 or any other IPC .. I want to teach him lesson cause birth record on CA CERTIFICATE is wrong from actual .. Kindly reply my email id [deleted] Thanks & regards Section 200 in The Indian Penal Code 200. Using as true such declaration knowing it to be false.—Whoever corruptly uses or attempts to use as true any such decla­ration, knowing the same to be false in any material point, shall be punished in the same manner as if he gave false evidence. Explanation.—A declaration which is inadmissible merely upon the ground of some informality, is a declaration within the meaning of sections 199 to 200.