Personal loan settlement with icici

Respected Sir/Mam, I had taken loan from ICICI in 2007 amnt 165000, paid 16 emi @ 4688 = 71488 A) In March 2013 i had 1st settlement with ICICI agency at 103,000 payable in 6 month i.e 17166 per month. which i could manage to pay only one installment. B) In September 2013 I had re-conciliation of previous letter which was settled 14500 in 6 months. this was still high as per my capabilities. C) In June 2014 last week i had a call from ICICI collections (remaining amnt 72000 approx). in which i was threaten to send ICICI personnel to my house to threat my father being keeping in mind he is heart patient and diabetic i am reluctant to bring this matter to his concern. the said man Mr. Pandey from ICICI had threatened,abused me. also he forcefully put his words in my mouth to settle claim in 7 days else he send peoples to my home. he has asked me to pay all money by 15th june 2014 , till now i have not received any call from ICICI Hyderabad team as he has said that they will call me for confirmation. today on 13th june 2014 he called again and asking me to pay money and then he will get me the settlement letter from bank... PLease advice!