My husband misrepresented facts which were crucial for our match

My husband and his father confirmed that the house belongs to my husband. They never mentioned that it was bought by father partially, half the amount was being paid by my husband. Secondly, the house is in my husband and mother in laws name. Taking advantage of this my my sister in laws visit frequently with their kids saying it is their parent's home. I cannot live there peacefully or show rights. Also, now my husband expresses desire to gift the house to his father for all his hard work (which will eventually be snatched by my sister in laws) My husband and I live in a rented house currently. It was a important criteria for me and my family that I marry a guy who is settled and has his own house. My husband has booked a flat now but there is no guarantee that it will be bought as he may withdraw the down payment when he needs funds for his other ambitions, also because there are issues with the builders and land area. He is satisfied with his father's house because it is actually in his own name. Legally I may or may not have a right to this house eventually. but I am unable to live in this house presently due to intrusion and commotion. I would not marry this person if he did not have his own house. So I have this house but I cannot stay there or call it 'my' house. Is there anything I can do about this? Also, my husband misled me saying he is on the onset of diabetes. But I saw his medical reports after marriage and I found that he had this illness more than 6 years before marriage. He should have given me a choice to marry or not marry considering his medical background.