Divorse Case

I got married on May 3 2015. in the month of July i got to know that my wife has an affair with one guy prior to marriage and after marriage also she's continuing her relation with that guy over the phones. I have a call recording in which she was speaking to her mother about that guy. Even her mom and sister knows about this. When i came to know about this i sent my wife to her home. after one month her parents and her uncle came to my house and they said give her one chance from now on-wards she'll not do such kind of things. Her uncle said from now on wards we'll take the responsibility of her. if anything goes wrong in future we'll take the respnsibility and you can give her divorse. On this condition i gave her one chance to continue the relation with me. after coming here again she started speaking to that guy and after 45 days she left from my house in the month of October by taking the gold and money with her. I have contacted her mom dad they say that my parents are torturing her daughter that's why she came back home. If you want to continue with her you need to deposit 3 lakhs on her name you should get separated from your parents. After that i spoke to my wife's uncle he says we'll not take the responsibility as they cheated us also and they died for us. i have all the conversation recordings which i spoke to my wife's mom dad and with her uncle. can i file a case against my father in law for cheating me. Also please advise if i file a cheating case against them is there any possibility that still my wife can file a dowry case or house harassment case. Even my wife's elder sister has the same case and recently she got divorced by threatening that fellow stating we are filing a house harassment case against you. that fellow did not had any proof with him he just went to the police station and he agreed to give divorce to her. please advise how should i deal with this issue.