Minor child custody to father

Hi, I am 32 years old male,April 2015 both of them left India for Australia on student visa, because she wants to do PhD. Though I had obtained passport for the child on Feb 2015 itself, but my wife was adamant that the baby should be left behind only in the care of her parents, I could not do anything but meekly budge.In May 2015, I suggested her that the child could be brought to Australia as my income was more than sufficient for me to run the family and further suggested that my parents could also come for help to look after the child in Australia. But she stubbornly refused and made it categorical that the child would only be in her parents’ house until she finishes her studies. I always felt that the child should not be deprived of the love and affection of its parents.i had no other go than to come back to india for sake of my child, sensing that she given false DV complaint against me in australia after i left australia for india, to harass me further and in bid to prevent me from taking custody of my child. she still reside in australia their parents not allowing me to see my child. i am going launch child custody under Gwop sec 12 and 25.i have e-mail evidence will i get interim and custody of my minor child she is only1year2months old. please advise ASAP. thanks