Cheating Regarding My House Work

Hello, I have just moved from abroad to India to settle here and I decided to build a house. One of our closest family friend is an engineer and I asked to him if he could build me a house in the style I wanted. It was a pretty new style (like a farmhouse) and something he wasn't aware of but he lied and told that he knows how to build this type of style and did so. The estimate was less than 1 cr around 50-60 lakh but he kept on asking advance payments and as he was a family friend I gave him money on time. Fast forward now, he built the house with MANY shortcuts, lots of architectural problems in the house and he had stopped building the house in the middle as I had taken debt of 1 cr and paid him as much as i could and he still wanted more 8-10 lakhs advance. Now he went and complained to the police but the police didnt help him or me they said that it was my fault for not being smart and thinking about the advance payments. Is there any steps I can take to legally take action against him as the cost of the house according to other contracters came around 80 lakhs only because he took many shortcuts and minimised his expense. Many architectural mistakes are there which are impossible to fix too. How do I get compensation for that, please help me urgently.