Dear sir, I had chat with call girl 2 weeks ago whose telegram link was found in her Instagram I'd. Chat included her rate and then she told me to send money which I sent. again and again she asking for sending money to which I never replied as I thought it was fake But it was scam Later I know about it and then I blocked her number. Now 2 days ago I received call from person claimed himself as Haryana police(sirsa) and told that he arrested that girl and found my WhatsApp chat with her and that payment and I am in the list of among other boys and they(the arrested girls)are involved in some kind of sex racquet. Then he further told me about the consequences and that what if she takes your name that you consume drugs and all..but if you co-operate than he will remove my name from the list and put it in challan fine and for that I have to pay 12000. Than he handed the phone to a person who he claimed was a senior he also told me the same things. I asked if I shall pay I must be confirm that you are a legitimate person and for that please provide me with ur id to which he replied u will get it when u send the money. After that things heated up as I gave some replies back and then he abused and hanged up the call Saying that keep his name in the list. Now question is what should I do now. I am almost certain that it was a scam but the small what if iit was a legitimate call is making me feel depressed Please help me and suggest me what I should do?