The partition is not equal but we signed it just to make our family in peace..

We are the heirs of our late father... my brother me and my sister talk to our aunt...the sister of my late make the partition of the land that they have with my late father... there is 2 is agricultural with 1800 sqm with assest value 1900 php.... and the commercial land with 86 sqm with assest value 8000php .... my aunt said that when my father is still alive they never talk about to devide their land... and she said if we dont agree with his extra juditial partition that she made.. she wil not signed...we badly need money thats why we signed it...her extra juditial partition is the commercial land is in his name and the agricultural land she gives us 100sqm... so our part is 1000sqm and her is 800 in the agricultural area...... when the surveyour need the sign of our aunt who is in far away we sign it in good faith cos we badly need money... we signed it just to complete the blue print ... we sell my fathers part,,,, now my aunt complain about y we sign the document without her.. we said that we signed it in good faith we signed it not because we want to cheat..we make the survey with the judistial partition that she made so we dont mind that she will be angree when we signed the blueprint to make the document done...what should i do with this.... pls help ty