Cheque Bounce issue

Sirs - I had remitted from Bangalore Bank through RTGS Rs.2 lakhs to a property developer in Hubli in May 2019 for sharing copy of the documents. After receiving amount to joint a/c with his mother, he withdrew full amount and closed the account and interim sent me copy of documents which was in joint names with his mother. He demanded further amounts be sent to his single account, which I refused. After prolonged complaints to police, he issued cheque for Rs.2 lakhs which bounced and I filed cheque bounce case in Bangalore. He did not come to court even after getting tens of summons, came some time and took bail without any notice to me. Then again did not come even after getting 9 NBWs and Arrest Warrants and he belongs to some minority. Came to Bangalore on 26th Feb 2024 and got his NBWs recalled without any notice to me/advocate. Court has recalled NBWs without insisting my presence and ordered cross examination of PWs without any intimation to me. Is such things allowed and what next for me?