I am Harrased by In Laws and my wife

Dear Sir, It has been 6 years of my marriage I got married through a matrimony website. I have very bad relation with my in laws and with my wife . my in laws have so much interference in my life that it has completely spoiled my relationship with my wife. My wife has no respect for my parents and for me and she considers her parents above everything even after 6 years of my marriage they make issue of my family financial situation and family matters . they show the fear of fraud case as well. and say in warning tone that they can do anything with me. they never accept their daughters mistake and impose things on my family. earlier when our bungalow sold out my wife demanded separation from my parents and live independently and we lives almost for 3 years . My in laws specially my mother in law had made my life like hell she keeps calling whole day and takes every micro detail of whatever happening in my home. always blindly support their daughter to do whatever she feels right and these people are so shameless that they even can eat the dust. I am staying in a relationship which is like hell and wants to come out from it .. I dont know what to do..