Girl has given a complaint in police station station saying for false marriage promise rape.

We met on JeevanSathi, she was a model + events+ digital marketing and I am software developer. Our parents arranged our first meet. After that because of kundali mismatch my parents denied he got it confirmed multiple from different pandits. Status remains majourly like this for an year, but girl blamed after our meet girl family thought we are agreed so they stopped looking and other things, i said I will try to convince my father but that also did not workout, but in this process my conversation with girl increased as she is looking for constant updates , we also came close and involved in physical relation , she always used to ask when my father gonna agree to which I said i will try he also want me to marry if we dont see other people he might not left with much options but to marry us. After this i also arranged one meeting of parents when they visited banglore. There also my parent explained why it will not be a fruitful marriage and he said as we both are parents why would we like to take chance with our childs life , I was talking from girls side saying it is all ok we can manage etc. But my father stick with his decision. Things between me and my father went worse and we stopped communicating for 2 months , and here girl keeps on pressuring me for marriage, Saying when u know your father wont agree why i went physical with her , these type of claims even after seeing my efforts alarmed me plus i also started noticing the lies in her conversations, tilll this day i dont know how she earns money but she has a huge sum some how.. She never introduced my to any of her friends majourty of people she use to talk or eas in contact with were in foreign. I realized that she is a red flag as multiple other things i observed which is hard to mention, plus my family were on breaking terms so I decided to move out of relationship, after which she claimed she is pregnant , I said lets go to a gyno as i dont believe you’ but she said she got it aborted as if time would have increased things would have got complicated. I said still fine lets go to any doctor for your checkup but she denied. So i told her that i know this was a lie, but she threaten me to go legal which she was threatening me from the day things went south. I want to ask, is my case valid for fir quashing? My parents are with me on this I have her chats mostly of recent 3 months which can prove things were mutual plus testimony.