Criminal defamation, verbal abuse and intimidation

Hi Am a Secretary of the managing committee of an RWA in a society in Bangalore. I have been facing constant abuse, discrimination and threats from the President of the RWA, whereby he has been mobilizing other members and staff to vote against my proposals. Here are the facts that I can prove with documentary evidence: 1. During a meeting of the MC, he accused me of calling other members Incompetent. He failed to provide any evidence when challenged. Complaints by email to Vice-President and Jt.Secretary to record this in minutes of meeting did not elicit any response. 2. In another MC meeting, he gestured to remove his footwear and thrash me with it. Again, written complaints to VP and legal secretary did not elicit any response, although they privately condemned his behaviour. 3. He has also been deleting messages critical of his administration, in the group whatsapp Is there a case against him for criminal defamation, verbal insult and intimidation under Sec499 and 500, 504, 506?