False accusations of Rape.

Hello, I live in Germany and visit India every 6months to my family. During my last visit 15days ago. I had a physical intercourse with a woman (a massager) she is also a friend of my mother. She used to massage me and offer me happy ending service for charging extra, one day I asked her if we can have intercourse, she agreed. Luckily I know how things work in India , I recorded the whole conversation in my phone while we were having intercourse. (Audio) There were things like she was telling me , "did you enjoyed?" "Did you liked it" etc There were also pre recording of me asking her about giving me happy ending , and if she don't mind etc (which she agreed she would love to do that" Now she is threating me, that you wait and watch what I do till you come back to India etc etc Can she file a false rape case on me? As I have my work and life in germany . If I come to meet my family in India for 15 days Will I able to come back after her false accusations? How strong is she in her words against mine?(do this proof play a role?) How much time does it takes to prove in court something like this, I heard people behind bar for 5-6 years.