Auntie filed an false FIR (sec 341,323,354B,506) in West Bengal against my dad, how to get bail

Hi, Background: - My dad is an ex serviceman and lives in a Kolkata, and is 63 years old. - He has two brothers, one elder (age-65) and one younger (brother deceased in 2020, wife and son alive) they live in village in Mushidabad (district in WB). - My grandfather had built a house in the village and post his and grandma's death has passed on to the 3 brothers (however no will is done). - The younger brother's wife (named S- age 45) has always created ruckus since her marriage and post her husband's demise is demanding a better share of the property - Now to fast forward and pressurise us for settlement S along with her son has started to demolish the property, which my father and the elder brother is trying to stop by filing an injunction. - Yesterday my dad went to the property site along with the police to stop demolishing, however as police left S started creating scene and torn her clothes herself and went to the police station and filed an FIR with sec 341,323,354B,506 against my dad. - Today morning we got to know that a case has been filed and now I am in Kolkata and have no clue how to approach Ask: - there is a clerk from the local court who is helping to file a bail with his lawyer, but I can't understand the things he keeps saying few words (like surrender and file 430). My dad trust him as he is beside him now and is a childhood friends with one of my uncle. However the Clerk is bit short tempered as if I mentioned about getting a lawyer who can get the bail done by tomorrow he is saying "trust me, I have the IO under control, your dad won't go to jail" and such stuff. Now tomorrow he is planning to go to court along with my dad to file 430 or something . - There's another clerk (which is through a family acquaintance) he is saying he can get the bail done by tomorrow itself, but he is also handling the property dispute for us and he is quite slow in getting the stuff done. What should I do in this instance ? I reached Kolkata today from Mumbai and want to get a relief in this in the form of bail and bring my dad back to Kolkata. I have a fear if similar case is slapped on me as well if I go over there.