My father has hired hitmen to hurt my boyfriend if I don’t break up with him

I’m 22 years old and I’ve been in a committed relationship with the man I love and wish to get married to. But my parents have been completely against my relationship. They’ve been forcing me out of my relationship since he belongs to a completely different caste, community and religion from ours and my father has a pre-conceived notion and generalised opinion about him, despite not even agreeing to meet and talk to him in person without judging him. My father has gone too far to even get background checks done on him with his “connections” with people since he has a bunch of people ready to do illegal stuff and have already hired hitmen to physically harm my partner incase I try to cut myself off from my toxic family and decide to move on with him. He has sent death threats to him which I have video proof of a call in which he threatens to kill him and go to jail and this has been tormenting my mental health and well being. I’m graduating from college this year so I am still financially dependent on my parents until I find a job. But I am really scared to the lengths at which my father is willing to go to hurt my partner if I don’t give up and listen to what my parents want. They are not ready to listen to what I have to say and have been keeping me on a leash and not letting me step out of the place I’m living, even to meet my friends. The amount of mental, physical and emotional trauma that they’ve given me in insane and me and my partner genuinely feel helpless next to them even though we know that we aren’t going anything wrong. It’s just that my parents are very conservative and narrow minded.