Judiciary system

This question to all senior advocates 138ni act this act only favor complaint for example. if a innocent person (or) daily worker(or)small business man take 50 thousand loan from moneylender for bussiness purpose a innocent person issued a blank signed cheque and pronote after money recover by cash because (small amount) then cunning money lender fills pronote and cheque present bank cheque dishonor 50lakhs.money lender sents legal notice the innocent person reply iam not taking 50lakhs iam taking 50thousand the court issued summons to innocent accused start trail the money lender and witness tells he takes the money . then innocent accused tells sir iam not taking 50lakhs iam taking 50thousand and i retuned money its a fraud case the innocent accused doesn't have evidence to rebut.if innocent tells court how he gives 50lakhs in cash its violate 269ssit act the court says its. it department problem not related to this case 138 ni act attract. then judgment passed favor of money lender the innocent accused has topay 50lakhs not paying 2years imprisonment after attached all properties in his name in civil suit.if accused not has any properties the innocent accused goes jail. [the innocent accused family in platform] my question is 1.how innocent live in india 2.why parliament can't ammend if money lent only bank transfer if cash transaction made doesn't attract 138ni act and not enforcible debt 3.please tell me how innocent live in section 4.how cani complaint to judiciary to this section (as a indian i have a right (0r)not 5.how so called fundamental rights protect innocents. 6. only innocents has option to leave citizenship how laws protect . please tell me sir