Ecs bounce and ecs mandate cancelled

Hi, I have an question related to consequences related to ECS Bounce and ECS Mandate, where initially due to the financial crisis, I have all the ECS bounced and account balance then becomes Negative, due to penalties, therefore in order not to incur more penalties I requested for ECS Mandate cancellation. Till that time I wasn't aware it will be criminal offence; I then immediately requested the bank to cancel my request for cancellation of ECS Mandate. But since the cancellation was already done, hence it was not requested. I was employed till Nov'22, and everything was going good, due to some unavoidable circumstances, I needed to quit the job, since then I was paying all the EMI's, Hence I thought I would get another job within a month or two, but unfortunately, I didn't get the job and then I started taking loan till Nov'23, when I got my new Job, Until November, I realized that my EMI's are more than my Salary in hand, So somehow I managed to pay EMI till Feb'24, transferring credit card amount to bank, and I was under impression that, I'll take somewhere around 15 lakh loan from bank, and will close the account, since I had so many obligations, the Banks rejected PL loans, Hence it started to getting my downfall, Since I had to have some money in hand, therefore I withdraw amount from bank before ECS Mandate, which then lead me turning out to be negative balance, since I have opted for so many loan during my unemployment, so there was 6-7 mandates every month. Please advise, how can I overcome from this situation.