Hello! I would like to have some clarification on a case where a girl was cheated and married to a person but the girl was not willing to marry and did not continue the relationship with him as she was cheated. She put a petition in the high Court for nullify of this marriage but she lost the case as the marriage certificate was obtained. And the court decided that they have make their own decision on their own whether to be together or not but they can not marry further to anyone else to start their new life. Now the girl's life is in darkness as she can not live her life as she wants and do not want to continue her life with that person too. She wants divorce as the court decided the marriage is valid. So my question is can she divorce the boy from her side as she is not happy and troubled a lot by the boy earlier. Is it possible to divorce the boy without both parties mutual decision as the boy is not ready to sign on the divorce papers and to do so he is demanding some amount. Kindly suggest any possible way for it because this is someone's life and death situation. She already tolerated 8 years horrible tortures from the opponent family side.