Related to Property in a Co Operative Land in West Bengal

My grandfather owned a property in Kolkata in a Co Operative Land. There was no transfer deed / will before his demise. After he expired my grandma (being next of kin) became the owner. However after her demise, again without any transfer deed / will, all the brothers and sisters (i.e. my father, uncle and aunt) being the legal heirs. They are 3 brother and 2 sisters, my father being the eldest followed by 2 younger brothers and 2 sisters. Out of 5 siblings now 2 brothers (my dad and unlce) have expired. My dad was the nominee of the property as per the provisions of the West Bengal Co-operative Act. While alive he had maintained the property all through without any monetary help from his siblings. After his demise other siblings want to sell out the property and take equal share. However since my dad had spent most while maintaining the property, we have negotiated that we would require a higher share in the sale proceeds which they have accepted. Now what is the concern is that I do not want to get into the hassle of the sale formalities, specially when i'm stationed in Delhi and the property being in Kolkata, I want to provide a Power of Attorney in lieu of the amount so i dont have to travel back and fro. Will this ensure complete immunity to me towards any liabilities in future relating to the property or sale? Is a release deed useful in such a senario? Please note that I am acting as an agent on behalf of my Mother (now widowed).