Need an advice regarding escort agency job fraud

Recently, I encountered with an advertisement online of an adult dating website. In that, it was showing a good salary so I contacted them. When I contacted them, they said you have to meet high profile ladies for enjoyment and you can pursue it as a job too. They asked for a registration fees. I paid that registration fees. Then again they asked me for an amount of 10000 for profiles. I didn’t paid that. I asked them to delete my profile. They asked me to pay 18000 for deletion of the profile, I paid. They again asked me to pay 18000 for deletion of the profile with made up reason for the previous amount like it’s not valid. I paid again like they said. But again with some made up reason they asked more money, this time 82000 for deletion of the profile. Now, I didn’t paid. I blocked them. But they are still contacting me from different numbers to pay or they will visit my home address or asking me come to police station to cancel my profile. They even send me the photo of a police officer who will be visiting my home address. They have my photo and aadhar card photo. So, can they harm me? Or is it just bogus threat? I don’t want to take legal action against them, just need to get away from them.