Breaking up after getting into relationship with promise of marriage

Hi Sir/ Madam, I am a 27 year old female, I worked in as a TL in a company in which I saw a guy who's 6 year younger than me, we were friends and then he expressed his intrest to me and I found it causal thinking he's kidding but he was very serious about it and said all the things that age gap doesn't matter and he feels this way about me and feels inspired by me and will get registered marriage the very next year and all. He was kind and all and I grow up with a bad childhood and felt good finally getting the healthy affection and all , we continued the relationship for 1.7 months and even though I have been in relationship previously, this is the first time I got physical with a guy and it happened after he convinced me for the first time and not to be scared or worried and all. I was so emotional for various reasons and once we got pregnant and went for abortion with pills after proper doctor consultation and all and after all of this and ups and downs now all of a sudden he states he wants to be single and doesn't want to be in relationship. I feel so betrayed , cheated and heartbroken. It's so sudden, even till the day he said break up he was talking well before few hours. It all came as a shock and disturbed me a lot and my work is also at stake now as am mentally disturbed and not able to focus and move on. I feel like a brainless stupid for believing someone,I feel like being kind Always spoils my life and nobody's else.Please let me know if there's a way to proceed with some sort of warning or legal notice issued to let him know the intensity of all this. Please guide me on what are the possible ways I can seek legal help. Your response and guidance is much appreciated.