What is the best Best way to tackle a Sextortion case?

I am not proud of what I did, I was lonely, always infront of my laptop working on myself, did something that I wasn't supposed to. I asked for a escort service few days back, There was a guy on the other end of the WhatsApp, I asked for a service and he sent a girl, I paid 15k in hard cash, after that we had started the session but it wasn't even 2 mins she said she can't do it, and she left the hotel room, I was about to leave as well but the pimp manipulated me, since I was not in right state of mind, he was able to convince me that I should wait for another girl which he arranged and pay again Rs. 22000, and he will refund the cash on the next day via upi, so had a session with the 2nd girl, we left the hotel, once I was in my place, he started calling me, and started abusing me on WhatsApp call and said he will harm me physically and make my chats available on public space, on the internet, fearing repercussions I had to pay 25k again as per his demands. Even after paying he kept calling me via random numbers and started asking for more, which declined, this time he started blackmailing me again, So instead of giving up I registered a complaint against the people involved and I also mentioned atm cash withdrawal from my account, for the first session. But I think there has been a miscommunication and 15k was put on hold on my account and not the suspects account. I am the victim and I am getting bombed. Also the case got transferred to West Bengal while incident happened in Hyderabad, because during the case filling I was unable to edit the location field from West Bengal to Hyderabad. Now to recover my money what should I do? Will I be arrested or penalized? It was consensual, no minor, also the hotel is couple friendly, not a prostitution centre and new hotel. It was my fault, and I did it when I was passing through an emotional breakdown. I never wanted to do it. Total loss 62k, should I withdraw? Should I wait for the Bengal police to retransfer the case to Hyderabad cause the Hyderabad police says they are unable unfreeze the amount cause it's in Bengal. What should I do? I have provided call recordings and chat history as well as suspect photos. Please help me.