If a girl don't want marry a guy but her family fixed her marriage and she suspend their engagement by making medical issue in finger.finally before 4 days she passed a message to her becoming husband in which she told him that "she is not interested to marry him in fact she is in a 5 yr relationship with else one n marry only her beloved n i will not be happy with you " ....marriage postponed because she admitted in hospital in fact BARAT BHI NAHI AAYI THI the opponent late becoming husband call her and say" if you will not marry me then i make this message viral in all places and turned you in court" ????? girls want it close ?? and due to family pressure she tell that if marry the soon you guys find my dead body??i will marry because my family not able to pay refund and court charge with punishment???? can you all respected sir helps to let me out here>>>>>by passing correct advice what should i do ??? what can i do ??? and what the opponent con do ???? i hope you'll help me thanks riya girl ......saini<hindu> lover ....<brahmin hindu> beoming husband ....<saini hindu>