Debit letter of previous owner

I have purchesd a resale flat and registered it on 24 july 2015 and transfer of society and share is also passed on 26 july 2015 in AGM of society and return the share certificate to me after 15 days by entering our name on it with signed ofsecretary/chairman. The flat is registered on my and my wife name I have all origional chain agreement and share certificate . Now the letter of bank coming on my address on name of old owner.I think he has taken car loan and put adress of my flat. I opened his one letter i found date of deal 1 august 2015. I talk to the bank person and clarify that he has sold the flat and moved.i give contact no. Of previous owner for which bank person request.then bank person fek to me that there was loan before u purchased the flat. also he said to me that loan is on august 2015 which i have recorded.Then i explain him that we give token on 1july 2015 and registered on 24 july 2015 and take posseion of flat on 26 july 2015 by clearing pament. IS THERE ANY PROBLEM TO US AND OUR FLAT PLEASE SUGGEST THANK U