How to get share from the Ancestral Property

Kindly let me know me what are my rights in Ancestral Property and how can I claim my share from the Ancestral Property in the light of following facts and subsequent queries: Facts: a) I am around 40 year old Conformed Haryana Government employee having a wife and a daughter around 03 years. b) I have been living a hell (in terms of physically/ mentally/ financially torture by my father) since my birth till date due to harsh nature and drinking habit of my father. Now, my wife and daughter are also living the same hell with me. c) My father is using all moveable/ immovable ancestral property (as the said property is in his name) only for his comfort and already sold more than his share of said property due to habit specified in b). d) My father always threaten me of selling/ willing away/ donating/ gifting remaining ancestral property and always run to the Police/ Court whenever I asked my share from the Property. Questions: 1. What are the easiest method/ process/way out to get my share from the said Ancestral Property? 2. How many suits, if answer to Sr. No. 1 is not positive, I have to file against my father excluding the followings (i) For Partition (ii) for selling more than his share from the said ancestral property? 3. Why action I can take against my father on the following Points: i) Already sold more share than his share due to his drinking habit? ii) Made my life hell from Childhood to till date (now also making my wife and my daughter life hell)? iii) Give threat of Police and threat of selling/ willing away/ donating remaining above said property? 4. Why alived coparcener names of my family, along with their shares, are not shown in the latest Jamabandi copy? 5. Why alived coparcener names of my real uncle who died around 10 years back, along with their shares, are shown in latest Jamabandi copy? 6. Why more property is shown in the name of my father in the latest Jamabandi copy whereas in real my father has less property? 7. How do I ascertain what my father is currently doing with the said property (especially in the light of facts given in (d) above)? Kindly reply point wise. Thanks in Advance.