Brother's marriage - in issue

Hello, I am from Kerala. This is an enquiry about a marriage - relatiionship issue, which we are trying to sought a good solution.My brother who is good looking and very energetic and enthusiastic person has been working in Bombay got married on Nov 2013. From the day he got married, his wife refused to have any relation with him, ignored him and behaving harshly to him. On the 4th day she left to her native place Delhi(Girl hails from Kerala, born and bought up in Delhi.). All of us parents, siblings, including me were trying to communicate with her and was trying to strengthen the bond between them. But she was always refusing telling that she need time to get comfortable with him and was accusing silly complaints about him. Recently from releiable sources we came to know that she has got some relation with one of her co-worker. We now want to relieve our brother from this trap. When discussed with several people it is said that court always stand with women. Will my brother get justice, if we file a case in the family court. Please let me have your valuable thoughts. Thanks and Regards Rose