Salary Withheld by the employer

Hi I was employed with one of large business conglomerate in India. I have worked there for about 1.5 years. From the very first month of my joining salaries were delayed about 15 days for next 3 - 4 months. Later they started paying part salaries but still delayed it further got worst and the employer stopped paying salaries in full rather started paying a lump sum amount as token for salary basis the designation employee holds. All this contributed to accumulation of salary with the employer. This had happened with other employees as well and reason we were given was that the company is going through a bad patch and financial condition of the company is not stable due a legal proceeding against the employer in court. Now I have resigned form my services of that company and as per my calculation they owe me around 6 months of salary. The company has not even deposited TDS and provident fund which were deducted from salary. Since they have not deposited the TDS they didn't gave us FORM 16 also. I would like to seek an opinion what can be done to get my pending salary and other dues from the employer.