Tanent not vacated the house not paying rent

Dear Sir, I am working in abroad on my company work for temporary purpose, meanwhile I have given my brand new house to a guy 2years back, which I have not made any agreement due to the reason I am located in Abroad. One of my colleague is located in same apartment, I managed to give the house through him, somehow we didn't know much about him before, he paid the rent for few months (once in 2 to 3 months saying some issues with financial status)through cash deposit in my bank account. It has been more than a year that he is not paying the rent and nor vacating the house, He locked the house and gone away. When I try to contact him, he use to say he has some health issues and he was make sure he pay off the rent and vacate the property. But It has been more than a year he has not vacated the house and not paid the rent as well. When I try to get contact him, he is not responding. I started enquiring about him and came to know very bad news that he is an anti social activist (involved in murder cases, forceful occupation of other's lands) and there are several cases have been filed and he is on bail now. When I ask him to vacate the house through mediators, he is demanding for money to vacate the house. Tanent is fully involved in anti social activities and is a rent defaulter and not vacating the house. My question is like, do we have any easy way to get the house vacated and recover the rent, or at least to get the house vacated through Foreign affairs ministry cell located in Abroad or any easiest way. Could you please advise your valuable experiences