Daughter in laws harassment

My son marriage was performed at Hyderabad on 12th June 2023. Since girl father was not there, we have taken complete responsibility and performed all the marraige activities like writing lagnapatrika (wedding card), doing marriage, engagement, and kanyadanam etc., bearing all expenses by us. From 12th to 17th June 2023 bride and bridegroom were travelled between my house (Hyderabad) and Andhra pradesh (Girls house) to attend some of mandatory after marriage activities like satyanarayana swamy vratham (Pooja), mangalsutram peral activity, reception, 1st night programme etc., . Since ashada masam come on 19th Jan 2023, my daughter in law has not come to my house after 17th June 2023. (in Telegu culture, ashad masam rituals is not allow bride and bride groom to their in laws house) Since daughter-in-law has to move to US after marriage, my son has taken her to Delhi on 20th June 2023) for dependent VISA interview. Immediately after completion of VISA interview (10 AM on 21st June 2023), daughter in law has put message to her boy friend who was in USA at about 03:04 PM on 21st june 2023 . The message is like this (in Telegu language): Boy friend: “Mottaniki US ostundi bidda” Daughter in law: “ Yenta hayga undo ei msg chaduvuthunte” Daughter in law: "He is trying to poke me in every situation. This guy is big head ache" Daughter in law: "Valla mummy dady ni Nadi road medha narikeyali, anta kopam ga undi, Nenu vallaki nachaledu, katnam thakkuva echanu ani, andari mundu love natistunnaru, ai abbai ki yekkasthunnaru, Wt the fuck” It means daughter in law having tremendous grudge/disgust on us to kill us even on road. This way she is sending message to her boy friend. My son has seen this message after reaching USA (both went to US on [deleted]) from my daughter in law cell phone accidentally. From that day onwards both my son and daughter in law are quarreling each other. After knowing this we called both son and daughter in law to India and discussed Infront of elders. Since we have questioned daughter in law about the message, she is arguing and threatening quite often and harassing us on every petty issues. Though we treated her as my daughter and shown utmost love and affection and taken all the burdens and performed marriage very big way, daughter in law has developed this much disgust/repulsion on us. Myself and my wife are in tremendous trauma by this. Myself 61 years old and retired from service and we both are solely dependent on my son (only son to us) to live rest of out lives. Due to this mental stress I was attacked with diabetic recently. My son is also suffering with her mental torture. Daughter in law is not changing her attitude. We are afraid to live with my son and daughter in law as we are getting threat from my daughter in law . Can some one help on providing guidance on how to get rid of daughter in laws harassment?