Emotional abuse and dowry demand

I got married in 2022 of February. From the day one of my marriage,my in-laws started torturing me emotionally and verbally. Every time I am trying to convey this to my parents and friends but they are telling like "saas-bahu jagada is common in every home so no need to worry about this and things will settle down in few days". I hoped for that only but things are going too bad and My husband is not even supporting me and staying silent which is hurting me more. We gave dowry of 5 lakhs and 5 lakhs worth gold and still they are telling that we didn't gave dowry and now they are torturing me and abusing me and my family, still my husband is not telling anything. And recently he started forcing me to have sex with him also which is killing me. I am losing my self esteem and confidence, and having suicidal thoughts now. I just can't prove all these because they are planned and not allowing me to touch mobile also. Because of my low self esteem I choose to take divorce. I just want to end this toxic relationship with my husband and in-laws. Please give me suggestions and how can I proceed with this case