My mother in law has used Senior citizen act as a weapon

In 2018 my mother in law started harrasing me to vacate the house because she was having an affair with a guy who is younger than her,in 2019 i filed a DV case against her for harrasing me and my son, after that she left our share household in october 2019 and started staying at our another house at Virar. That house has sharing names like my husband and my mother in law as both are 50℅ shareholders. She was staying there with her boyfriend and our DV was in court but suddenly in 2022 she filled a Senior citizen act case at Collector office and put a false case on me and my husband name that we are torchering her and filled a DV case agianst her and thrown her out. But actully she only left our sharehousedhold which is at southmumbai...where we are currently staying. But the collector didnt allow us to speak and just gave a sympathy to my mother in law and produced a order against us to vacate the house in next 3 months. Now we are just in a hopeless situation like where to go. Because this lady has played a very dirty game just to grab our house as she is the tenant owner. Our south mumbai share household is pagadi and rent receipts comes under her names. Pls help us??