Harassment by housing society

I am a tenant living in a reputed society in Mumbai from 4 year. I am facing some problems in society like An incident happened last night I ordered food for myself at night. The order came at around 12:30 in the night. I had already given approval in NoBrokerhood app so that the guard would not face any problem. Now I get a call from the delivery boy and he says come down and take your order, the guard is not letting me come up. When I talked to the guard, he said that no one is allowed to go up after 12 o'clock. Well, I woke up my husband and went down and got my order. I was in a US zoom meeting at that time. Still I had to go down. Now all of you tell us why are we living in this society? For good convenience and security, I believe. But what if you start facing problems due to society in doing your work at home? Imagine if I was home alone and sick and still had to go down at night to pick up my order? This is very unsafe. I condemn this in the strongest terms. I ask all of you, what else would you call this if not harassment? Another thing is like they are forcing Tanent to make an id card of the society⁩